Gert and Brendo
Gert en Brendo

We, Gert en Gea Meerholz, are familiar with the breed Groenendael since 1986, when we got our first Groenendael male "Brendo" (Anka X Engel du Domaine Ponti). Brendo was at an age of 1,5 years old when he came to our house. Brendo got the age of almost 14 years old. In 1997 we had to let him go after a stroke.


Gert met Gaļa en Brandy

Brendo was de beginning of the love for the Groenendael, this love never dies.

Now and then we breed a litter puppies.
Our goal is to breed good, stable dogs, good build and with enough temperament for work. The litter grows up in our livingroom.
We like it to keep a homebred puppy to hold, to get it into the sport. Ofcourse we fell in love of the beautifull appearence of the Groenendael.
It has become a great hobby.
We train our dogs in Agility and take part in competitions. Now and then we are on a show.